Alcohol Responsibility Matters Scholarship

Montana Department of Revenue’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABCD) 2024 Alcohol Responsibility Matters Scholarship Ceremony April 23, 2024, with Kristen Juras

HELENA – Montana’s Department of Revenue (DOR) Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABCD) is a member of the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA) and received an alcohol education grant from this organization. NABCA’s mission is to support member jurisdictions in their efforts to protect public health and safety and ensure responsible and efficient systems for beverage alcohol distribution and sales.

ABCD awarded five, one-time, $2,000 scholarships to Montana students who came up with the best designs for billboards dedicated to the question: What does “Alcohol Responsibility Matters” mean to you and your community? Submissions were based on the billboard designs as well as essays. This opportunity was for all Montana high school seniors who were willing to take the time to write a brief essay about what the message means to them and with some original design ideas for a billboard. To receive the scholarship, students must attend a Montana post-secondary school/apprentice program/certificate institute of higher learning after high school graduation (including students homeschooled). There were 59 qualified submissions received within the deadline.

The ceremony was held April 23rd at the Liquor Warehouse. Alcoholic Beverage Control Division Administrator Becky Schlauch and Lt. Governor Kristen Juras congratulated the students.

Zoe Axtman, Manhattan, MT. She attended Manhattan High School and will be attending Montana State University Billings

Billboard location: Livingston I-90 Eastbound

Halle Fitzgerald, Dillon, MT. She attended Beaverhead County High School and will be attending Carroll College (unable to attend ceremony).

Billboard location: Deer Lodge I-90 Eastbound

Nicole Nau, Sunburst, MT. She attends North Toole County High School and will be attending Carroll College.

Billboard location: Malta US2 Eastbound

Stella Overstreet, Cut Bank, MT. She attended Cut Bank High School and will be attending the University of Montana (unable to attend ceremony).

Billboard location: Shelby US2 Westbound

Cora Pruitt, Bozeman, MT. She attended Gallatin High School and will be attending Montana State University-Bozeman

Billboard location: Shelby US2 Westbound

Billboards in high-traffic areas across Montana were used to promote the importance of responsible alcohol consumption. The billboards have a consistent theme centered on Montana with the tagline “Alcohol Responsibility Matters” and the ABCD-designed logo along with the student’s original artwork. ABCD hopes these provide community-centered messages that remind individuals 21 and over of the importance of being responsible when consuming alcohol. This supported the overall theme of ABCD Alcohol Responsibility Matters resources for licensees and the public for Alcohol Awareness Month in April.

Other billboard location: Helena Digital N. Montana Ave Northbound (All Designs Cycle Through)

For more information about the scholarship please go to the ABCD’s webpage and click Learn more about Alcohol Responsibility Matters or contact the ABCD Outreach and Education Unit at dorabcd-o&